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What's so Great about Austin and Texas at Large? Part 2

Austin Night TimeIn my last post I talked about the real estate market in Austin and Texas. We apparently have managed to dodge a bullet as far as suffering the same catastrophic losses and mortgage meltdown that has enveloped many parts of the country. Again, I am not adopting some sort of "Pollyanna" attitude but laid out convincing facts and figures supporting the idea that we still have a healthy and actually growing economy. Yes we are feeling the effects of problems in the rest of the country but have managed to avoid the extremity of the troubles.

 Market aside, we have some of the most affordable housing in Austin and Texas than in many other similar communities throughout the USA. (Although Austin is now the highest that it's ever been)

We have a great climate and YES I hear you that it is HOT this time of year but there are so many great ways to stay cool in Austin. We have one of the best Public Park systems in the country and many neighborhoods have community pools in the local parks. Many people like Barton Springs which is probably the crown jewel of swimming holes in Texas. Located in Zilker Park, the natural limestone lined pool is fed by numerous springs and at 68 degrees year around, it will cool you off in an instant during the warm months and ironically many people swim laps there in the winter because it's actually warmer than the air temp! Deep Eddy near Mopac and Lake Austin Blvd. is one of my favorite swimming pools is also fed by cold springs is located along the Town Lake (now Lady Bird Lake) running trail and is a great place to cool off after a run. The lake also offers rowing, canoeing and kayaking. Zilker Park is also the location of many musical and theatrical events including the ACL Festival and larger outdoor touring acts and an incredible Kite Festival and competition every spring.

Lake Austin, which runs 26 miles in between the low water crossing at Red Bud Trail and Mansfield Dam, is a great place to swim, boat, ski, and wakeboard to generally relax and stay cool. City Park (off 2222) offers camping, day swimming and boat launch for al motorized boats and watercraft. The lake is monitored by LCRA and is a constant level lake.

 Lake Travis, west of town is a very large body of water offer every type of outdoor and water recreation available. The lake is NOT constant level and usually rises and falls every few years depending on the climate, rain (or lack there of) and however much water we have to send down stream to the rice farmers on the coast and anyone else that has a contract for water from the system. It is funny but there are several pieces of land the periodically appear when the lake is really low that are called the "Sometimes Islands". The lake is still a fantastic place to enjoy all water activities and is big enough to accommodate almost any of the larger boats. The main basin is very popular for sailing enthusiasts.

 OK it can get really HOT here at times but there are more than enough ways to stay cool!

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2 commentsRussell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI • July 19 2008 03:46PM


I was watching the news this morning about Houstin Texas and how they are not following the trends of the rest of the country and was actually experiencing growth in the real estate market. I think that is great. I hope we will be going in the same direction soon.

Posted by Ray Henderson (Weichert Realtors' Northeast Group) over 2 years ago
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Posted by Kameko about 1 year ago


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